Adam’s Vows


If I’ve learned anything at all in my 50 years of life, it’s this: Life is no joke—but it sure is funny sometimes.

One of the things I appreciate most about our relationship is that we’re able to laugh so much together. Sometimes we laugh at things that are meant to be funny—like Eddie Izzard routines, or videos of sneezing baby pandas. Other times we laugh because life is just so rich and raw and strange. What else can we do but laugh?

I may cry once in awhile too, but that’s on me. Sensitive artist, middle-aged man, whatever. When Walter and the Dude scatter Donny’s ashes—come on! I know that you appreciate my tears for what they are, I know that you’ve always got a tissue handy, and I know that you know another laugh is just around the corner.

I’m not a religious believer. Still, I love this passage from the mystic poet and scholar Rumi, in which—I presume—he is addressing his God:

    You're water. We're the millstone. 
    You're wind. We're dust blown up into shapes.
    You're spirit. We're the opening and closing  of our hands.
    You're the clarity. We're the language that tries to say it.
    You're joy. We're all the different kinds of laughing.

Wedding vows are serious promises. One that I’ll always honor is to keep laughing, together—today, tomorrow, and always—whatever ups and downs life may bring.

There’s no turning back now.

Let’s do this.

I love you.













アイ ラブ ユー。

Ritsuko's Vows


First of all, thank GOD it was you - you were the one I had to plan the wedding with.  I could not have done this with anybody else ...

I love you a little more everyday.

I love you a little more each time you cry.

You cry more than I do. You cry just thinking about the day Stevie Wonder leaves this world... Still, you are the strongest person I know. When you lost your Mia, I can only imagine, but you went through the darkest dreams. Yet, you still see the beauty of life. I will do my very best not to die on you to make sure you have less crying to do.

I love you a little more each time I get upset.

When you ate all of frozen mangos in our freezer, I was so sad and upset. Next morning, I found a freezer full of mangoes ... I could not help but smile. This is how I know we can always find a way to laugh even in our ugly days. My dad once said, "one's real value comes out in tough times, not in easy times".  Well, that was a pretty tough time ... and your value came through.

I thought all I wanted in my life were cakes and flowers. But you are showing me all kinds of other beautiful things. You see beauty in everything. 

I won't promise you many things - I won't promise you that I will cook more for you. I won't promise you that I make it to all of your jazz gigs. But I will promise you this - I will always be on your team even when you are wrong, even when I tell you that you are wrong.

Let's live the way only we can!

Thank you for being here with me today.




あなたが泣く度にもう少しあなたのことを好きになる。あなたは私よりもよく泣いちゃうよね。スティヴィーワンダーがこの世からいなくなってしまう日のことを想って泣いちゃったり。。。 でもあなたは私が知っている人たちの中で一番強い人。あなたがあなたのミアを失った時、私には想像するしかないけれど、あなたはとてつもない暗闇の中をさまよった。それでもあなたは人生の美しいものに目をむける。私はあなたより先に死なないように努力するからね。あなたが泣く理由がひとつ減るように。